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Friday, April 28, 2006

Slam Dung

In a strange land, far, far away from civilization lived a loner. No, he was not quite human. He was a plastic piece of, well, shit. He lived alone and he suffered, till one strange night when something remarkable happened to our protagonist. Mr. Little Poo, for that was his name, was visited by the remarkable and renown Lord Big Shit. This is what followed.

L.P:- Oh lord I am so miserable.

B.S:- Yes, I can see that but you have only yourself to blame.

L.P:- What on earth do you mean..I am just a piece of plastic shit.

B.S:- You undermine your potential son, the future belongs to us.

L.P:- You must be kidding me.

B.S:- Oh absolutely not. In a world where somebody's trash is somebody's treasure we have to exist. Not only that we sell. Do you even know your market value?

L.P:- No, I probably dont...pray explain.

B.S:- Oh to start with...a famous pop singer with the same initials actually endorses me. She's a slave for me. I am omnipresent.

L.P:- Youre just a piece of shit.

B.S:- Yes, a piece of expensive shit. Besides this is just the physical form I conform to.I exist at all levels. I am in the placenta stars eat. I am in their couch jumping feats. I am everywhere.

L.P:- What about the stink.

B.S:- Stink..Oh chemical structure has been specially altered to ensure that i smell like the most expensive perfume. Besides..look..I have no wrinkles. I am the perfect pin-up model for cosmetic culture. I am the substance that drives an entire industry of megalomaniacs whose pastime include dancing in their chudds.

L.P:- You still have no content.

B.S:- Yes, I dont. However, for a generation whose attention span is not more than a few seconds that is hardly an issue. You see even the most prosperous posterior will have me inside it. However,while the scientists try to formulate the perfect butt , I slip out and slip into their head.

L.P:- Thank you lord. You have certainly opened my eyes.

Most recent records show that Mr. Little Poo has become rather famous in the political circuit for his "I am pro-quota just before the election concept".

Moral of the story.

Surely you must be joking. Moral shit


At 7:17 PM, Blogger Chai Anyone? said...

yes - comfortably numb would be appropriate. thank you for giving me the words.

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At 9:18 AM, Blogger Anti-establishment Inc said...

Chai-- Take a sad song and make it better.


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